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The OnlyOne® - A Perfect and Comfortable Crutch:

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As a healthcare professional, you have heard from your clients that standard crutches cause pain, discomfort and even secondary injury. Standard crutches are cumbersome, difficult to maneuver and difficult for patients to follow their doctor’s instruction to remain non weight bearing.

The OnlyOne® does not rest under the user’s arm, it is supported with a unique handle that allows the user to be hand’s free while remaining non-weight bearing. With it’s contoured platform, there is no need for two crutches.

Benefits :
. Ergonomic Body Design for maximum comfort.
. Tornado Crutch Tip.
. Over 1 inch thick kneepad.
. High-Grade Aluminum Frame.
. Infinite Height Adjustment for patients 4'10" to 6'5".
. Total weight only 3.5 lbs.


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